Tactical Unit

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The Tactical Unit is an elite division within the Special Investigations Office. The tactical unit is tasked with fugitive apprehension, court summons enforcement, prisoner recapture, and locating offenders that do not check in with their parole officer at the designated time. While as a member of the Tactical Unit, you will be tasked with assisting SIU teams with raids and investigations, conducting patrols in high crime areas, and many other important tasks. You will also be tasked with utilizing local and state resources in order to achieve the desired outcome of any situation that may arise. The following points will lay out what the tactical unit is all about and what we do on a day-to-day basis.

  • Must be a Corporal
  • Must have the M4 and SUV Certifications
  • Must be SERT Trained

Tactical Unit Command Staff

Commander: [201] JSpectre
Executive Commander: [282] Stummy
Team Supervisor: [157] Mason
Team Supervisor: TBD

Chain of Command


Executive Commander

Team Supervisor

Senior Member


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