Special Investigations Unit

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Duties as SIU

  • Investigate criminal acts such as homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home invasions, and property crimes such as burglaries.
  • Interview informants, suspects, and witnesses to ascertain alibis, clues, time frames, and possible suspects.
  • Track and work directly with SIU Tactical Squad (Warrant Squad)
  • Perform surveillance and monitor suspects.
  • Exchange information and coordinate activities with other departments.


The applicant must:

Possess the rank of Staff Sergeant or higher

  • Pass the initial interview phase
  • Have no strikes within the past 2 weeks of applying (Any prior strikes, including strikes that occurred before the 2 week period, will be investigated by SIU command)
  • Any strike that you attain while in SIU may result in immediate removal from the division
  • Complete SIU Training

SIU Command Staff

Director: [153] L. Caldwell
Deputy Director: TBD
Assistant Director: TBD

Chain of Command


Deputy Director

Assistant Director



Probationary Detective

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