Special Emergency Response Team

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As a team that relies on a high level of ethics, morals, and training, the expectation is that all SERT members are held to a higher level of standards than your average PD sworn personnel, no matter their rank. With this in mind, the issuance of strikes to you is grounds for immediate suspension from the team until the expiration of the strike.


  • Must be Trooper First Class / Senior Deputy + to apply!
  • Must have SUV certification!
  • You must have the M4 Certification
  • Cannot have a strike within the past month to apply!
What is SERT?

SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) is a collective team of highly trained police personnel within the State of Pennsylvania. The SERT team operates within the entire state of PA and responds to all forms of high risk crimes and domestic terrorism. Working with other divisions and other law enforcement agencies, we continue to make Pennsylvania a safe place for residents and visitors of this state against any and all threats.

SERT Command Staff

Commander: [157] Mason
Executive Commander: [201] JSpectre
Executive Officer: [203] Sighted
Team Leader: [282] Stummy
Team Leader:  [304]R3D DEAD FR3AK
Team Leader: [302] Jacob F.
Team Leader: [307] Kihnix

Chain of Command


Executive Commander

Executive Officer

Team Supervisor

Senior Member



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