Pennsylvania Division Of Fire Safety

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Mission Statement

The Birdsboro Union Fire Department is committed to protecting the quality of life for present and future generations, to provide quality service, to protect the property and life of the people of Berks County, and to provide a work atmosphere that encourages respect, integrity and professionalism.

Fire Department Command Staff

Chief: [Chief 70/Car 1] BananaJoe
Assistant Chief: [Chief 71/Car 2] JerzyTim
Deputy Chief: [Chief 72/Car 3] M. Friend
Battalion Chief: [Chief 73/Car 4] Brandon
Battalion Chief: [Chief 74/Car 5] Ethan M

Captain: [Captain 71] Noah
Captain: [Captain 72] Hydro
Captain: [Captain 73] TBD
Captain: [Captain 74] TBD

Lieutenant: [Lieutenant 71] Kihnix
Lieutenant: [Lieutenant 72] TBD
Chain of Command


Deputy Chief

Battalion Chief



Platoon Leader


Advanced EMT



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