Motor Vehicle Enforcement

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Every member shall be held to an extremely high standard of professionalism and integrity. All members shall demonstrate excellent detective and scene management skills in regards to DUI and crash investigations . Note that crash (incident) reports shall be completed if it meets the crash report criteria. It is optional to complete an incident report for DUIs and pursuits.  While in this division members will have access to high performance vehicles that need to be operated with in department policy set forth by State and Sheriff Command members. While on duty as MVE/TEU, though it is not a primary function to respond to calls for service, if calls are holding due to low man power, members shall respond to 911 calls if no other patrol officers are available. 

What is MVE/TEU?

Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE), and Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) is a division that controls or watches over commercial vehicle regulations, speed enforcement, accident investigations, high speed pursuit tactics, and DUI/DWI enforcement. This division is to ensure the roadways are safe for all travelers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.



Trooper First Class

With an exceptional in-game driving records


Senior Deputy

With an exceptional in-game driving records

MVE/TEU Command Staff

Division Commander: [154] Matt
Executive Commander: [403] VinnyX
Division Supervisor: [652] Tullis

Chain of Command

Division Commander

Executive Commander

Executive Officer

Division Supervisor

Senior Member



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