K-9 Unit

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Pictures By: Joe Slacken

What is K9?

K9 is a police sub-department that partners up with police dogs to carry out daily tasks such as, but not limited to priorities, drug busts, raids, and detection of various illegal items during a traffic stop. We communicate with other departments and assist in most situations when needed. Our K9 are dual-purpose dogs. This means they can be trained in two aspects such as patrol and narcotics detection.



We expect all members to be:

    • Active
    • Respectful
    • Professional
    • Courteous
    • Mindful


K9 Handler:  

Trooper First Class/Senior Deputy or above

K9 Dog:

Officer I, C3, EMT-B

K9 Command Staff

Commander: [404] JerzyTim
Assistant Commander: [303] Franklin Hinson
Executive Officer: [204] Noah B

K9 Supervisor: [254] Ric D.
K9 Supervisor: [252] Finn Hill
K9 Supervisor: [305] Ben W.
K9 Supervisor: TBD

Chain of Command


Assistant Commander

Executive Officer

K9 Supervisor

Senior K9 Officer

K9 Officer

K9 Recruit

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