Civilian Operations

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Civilian Operations Command Staff

Civilian Director: Emo Lil Sysco
Assistant Civilian Director: Rml
Civilian Executive Manager: Totally not FBI surveilance
Civilian Executive Manager: Hydro
Civilian Executive Manager: Crown

Civilian Manager: Ron
Civilian Manager: Vaurne
Civilian Manager: Kaminski M.
Civilian Manager: Coe
Civilian Manager: Martin Riggs

Civilian Supervisor: TrooperNicolas
Civilian Supervisor:  owlthechill
Civilian Supervisor: ohusteve
Civilian Supervisor: Jake I.
Civilian Supervisor: OpticsXS

Civilian Advisor: Bepiz
Civilian Advisor: Alex W.
Civilian Advisor: Noto Nate
Chain of Command

Civilian Director

Assistant Civilian Director

Civilian Executive Manager

Civilian Manager

Civilian Supervisor

Civilian Advisor






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