Berks County Sheriff’s Office

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Pictures By: Noolster and L. Greenwald


Berk’s County Sheriff’s Deputies are highly-skilled and adept at both urban and rural policing practices and have always had a strong presence and rational approach, working everything from traffic enforcement, property crimes and domestic violence to gang enforcement, homicide and narcotics investigation and assisting with the department of environmental protection in order to enforce rules in our wilderness regions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life by maintaining order, protecting life and property, as well as reducing the fear of crime. We are dedicated to excellence through integrity, professionalism, and respect.

Sheriff’s Office Command Staff

Sheriff: JerzyBulldog
Undersheriff of Patrol Operations: [S-02] Frenzy
Undersheriff of Professional Standards: [S-03] Om B.
Deputy Sheriff of Internal Affairs: TBD

Internal Affairs Captain: [K-01] Casey
Recruiting Captain: [K-02] Sighted

Lieutenant: [K-10] TBD
Lieutenant: [K-11] TBD
Lieutenant: [K-12] TBD
Lieutenant: [K-13] TBD

Chain of Command



Deputy Sheriff



1st Sergeant

Staff Sergeant



Senior Deputy


Probationary Deputy

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