Aviation Patrol Unit

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What is APU?

APU is an organized patrol unit known as AIR-01. APU consists of searching for bolo’d persons/vehicles, Involvement in any kind of pursuit to provide an advantage over criminals and their operations. APU has multiple qualities that make it more efficient and resourceful.


  • No strikes in the past month
  • Must be the rank of TFC/Senior Deputy or above.
  • Should have general knowledge of APU.

The Command of Aviation have set a very high standard for APU members, reason being the responsibility to be able to properly control an aircraft. Any expectations not met will risk removal in the APU division and possibly a 2 month ban from reapplying into APU, the consequences depend on the severity of the situation.

APU Command Staff

Commander: [202] Casey
Assistant Commander: [153] L. Caldwell

Chain of Command


Assistant Commander

Pilot Supervisor

Senior Pilot


Probationary Pilot

Pilot Trainee

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